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HotAirRaccoon Games, LLC
Based in Pittsburgh, PA

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Early 2016

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  • Windows
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  • Linux
  • Steam



Super Endless Migration is a 2d top-down indie survival game about flocking birds, time travel, and finding your way home.

Beginning above the crowded airspace of a modern metropolis, players guide the wayward flock through a relentless maelstrom of obstacles gathering all manner of friendly birds, until suddenly the flock is caught in a wormhole and hurdled through time. Players must overcome many dangers, traveling through history, prehistory, and even the distant future, in seven unique levels spanning thousands of years of history, mythology, and fantasy. Hunted by desperate predators, tracked by futuristic drones, threatened by crashing meteors, caught in the midst of aerial combat, and even left at the mercy of ancient gods and titans, the flock must constantly adapt to new and unexpected challenges, or be lost forever.

A solemn ode to top-down classics like Galaga or Space Invaders, Super Endless Migration is an arcade game at its heart, albeit an unconventional one.

The complete absence of weapons in the game — at least weapons that can be used by the player — creates a unique sense of danger and thrill, while flirting with the urge to press on in the face of the insurmountable. Super Endless Migration is a roguelike adventure with high stakes and little forgiveness. There are no extra lives, but there is a modest strength in numbers. As long as a single bird still flies, all is not lost.


HotAirRaccoon Games, LLC is an independent game studio located in Pittsburgh, PA.


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